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The stars were only the beginning. - 100 years of planetarium!

100 years planetarium
- 100 years of fascination

Since the beginning of time, people have been fascinated by the starry sky and the universe’s mysteries.
In 1923 the starry sky was brought to earth: The first planetarium projector presented in Jena.
On May 7, 1925, the first planetarium went into operation with the opening of the Deutsches Museum in Munich.
Today, planetariums reveal the secrets of the universe for you – planetariums are a gateway into space; they also inform and inspire by creating visual and musical worlds of experience.
Since 1923, planetariums have developed considerably. Today, the entire universe can be depicted realistically and, as it were, in a way that can be touched; this sets new standards in science communication. In addition to vivid presentations of scientific content, live concerts, laser shows, and other cultural offerings fascinate visitors and light up their eyes. Every visit to the planetarium encourages reflection, discussion, and storytelling.
Celebrate “100 years of the planetarium” with us worldwide from 2023 to 2025 – we cordially invite you to join us!

Duration until the year of the action “100 Years of Planetarium”



Would you like to dive into the world of the stars?

The history of the planetarium


The idea of modern planetariums by Oskar von Miller, founder of the Deutsches Museum in Munich Start of the development of the first projection system for representing the starry sky, by the Carl-Zeiss company, led by engineer Walther Bauersfeld


The first planetarium projector ‘Model I’ is completed


Opening of the first planetarium in the world, in the Deutsches Museum in Munich

1926 - today

Numerous other planetariums open, including first outside Europe in Chicago in 1930.

In the 21st century, technological advances lead to the introduction of interactive digital projections that can faithfully depict the three-dimensional structure of the entire universe.

Planetariums worldwide and in German-speaking countries

So you're in too!

100 Years Planetarium – a worldwide unique event with a particularly interested target group.
We want to celebrate this anniversary from 2023 to 2025.
Would you like to help shape this anniversary? Would you like to contribute to your company so that the planetariums of this world are more focused? Do you want to promote individual program items in the anniversary years? You are fascinated by technology and want to support its further development?
Contact us now – we are pleased about your interest!

"... never has a visual aid been created that would be as instructive as this one, never one that would have been more enchanting, never one that would have appealed to everyone to the same degree. It is a school, theatre, film all at once, a school hall under the sky's vault, and a spectacle where the celestial bodies are actors."

Professor Elis Strömgren
Director of the Copenhagen Observatory, after visiting the newly opened planetarium in Munich, 1925


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You are welcome to use the images you find here free of charge. Please indicate the copyrights noted in the file names as the source of the images.


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A German invention becomes 100 years old. Preparations for “100 Years Planetarium” have started.

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